In Mark 5, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years receives a healing. But it wasn’t easy for her! If you put yourself in her shoes, I think you’ll realize she was dealing with a lot of fears. Fear of rejection because of her uncleanness… fear of being rebuffed because she was a woman touching a holy Rabbi… fear piled up during 12 years of failure to be cured… fear that her sickness was because of sin… fear that she would never be healed… fear that she had exhausted all options and spent all her money… even fear that she would die from this. A ton of fears weighed upon her soul! And yet… she carried all those fears with her as she reached out – in faith – just to touch Jesus’ robe.

This is huge deal for her! And it’s also huge deal for you and me. Her action speaks to us in this way: Our faith must overcome our fears. Your faith must overcome your fears. Are you afraid to approach Jesus and receive him in faith, fully surrendering your life to him? Are you afraid to speak up and share your faith story with your neighbor? Are you afraid to step up and start tithing to the Lord’s work? Are you afraid to commit to serving on one of our ministry teams? Maybe you’re afraid of failure…or rejection… or afraid of success… afraid of hurt or disappointment… afraid of being put down and degraded… afraid you’ll never measure up… afraid to take a risk. Whatever fears you have, you can call upon Jesus. He always has the upper hand. Your faith in Jesus must flourish and grow to overcome your fears. In every aspect of your life, your faith must overcome your fear. Let faith be your motivation – not fear. “Without faith it is impossible to please God…” (Hebrews 11:6)

There is hope no matter what situation you’re in: brokenhearted… poor in spirit… captive or addicted… in jail… living in spiritual darkness… battling chronic health problems… grieving… despairing… trying to overcome a ruined relationship… devastated by loss… even death itself… a crisis or tragedy. Whatever you face… nothing is impossible for Jesus Christ. Don’t be afraid; only believe and trust in the one who has all power and authority in heaven and on earth… I can’t promise that he’ll resolve your problem or fix situation. But I can promise that by faith, He will see you through it. He will walk with you… and at times… he will even carry you through it.

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