2) v11- never be lacking in zeal (NIV)

KJV: not slothful in business

NASB: not lagging behind in diligence

My version or translation? Don’t be a slacker when it comes to the Lord’s work! Serving the Lord is our greatest honor & privilege! We get to serve Jesus! We get to work for the Creator of the Universe! I think we forget this sometimes! So, don’t be a slacker. Don’t show up late for meetings or late when it’s your turn to serve. Don’t show up unprepared… or grumbling about having to serve… or making excuses for not being available. I know that all of us are busy. Whether or not you have a job – and most of you do have jobs – you’ve still got the house to take care of, or family and grandkids, or meals to cook, or you have health problems. We all have the exact same 24hrs in each day, 7 days/week. Time is not a variable. Time is a constant. Our challenge is how to set priorities and manage our time. Nobody around here has loads of extra time on their hands, and most of you are involved in multiple ways in the church. So, when it comes to doing the Lord’s work, we can’t use time as an excuse. Serving the Lord calls for our best. Some people might say you have to serve the Lord with excellence. There was a time when that was the mantra: serve the Lord with excellence, do everything with excellence. But I think that puts loads of unnecessary pressure on us that causes us to fixate on being excellent – that nothing is good enough unless it’s excellent. Really, in lieu of excellence, what we need to do… is do our best! I said last week (when we looked at the list of gifts in the first part of this chapter) that every one of us needs to do what we do best in the Body of Christ. I know that triggered some of you to think about what you do best. I hope you thought about that. What is it that you do best? Today let me add not only do what you do best… but also do it to the best of your God-given ability. I believe that’s all that the Lord expects from us. Not fixating or obsessing over excellence. Excellence can quickly turn into a taskmaster with lofty and unrealistic expectations that leaders can hang over your head. But doing your best… now that’s something we should all strive to do… for Jesus… for his glory… for his kingdom. Our Savior – the Creator of the Universe, mind you – deserves the best you can give Him!    Pastor Randy

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