When we examine the life of Moses prior to the Exodus, we find some great lessons in how the Lord makes a man of God. Two of those lessons are found In Exodus 2:11-12, where, sadly, we read that Moses murders an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew slave.  He looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then buried the man in the sand to cover his tracks – to cover up what he had done. What was Moses thinking? That he was above the law? That he’d get away with it?

How many men do things they hope to get away with? How many of us guys hide wrongs, sins, and actions that we hope to get away with? My dad hid whiskey bottles in the garage and in his closet, so he could get away with drinking without anybody seeing him. That’s what I grew up with. And so, I learned to hide my sins and actions. And I was pretty good at covering my tracks. I think most men become pretty skilled, pretty adept at hiding what they want no one to see or find out about them. Even though Moses identified with his Hebrew brother and wanted to defend him – even though he wanted some kind of justice for his enslaved brothers – he didn’t want anyone to know he had committed murder. Unbeknownst to him, however, he was seen, and it was eventually brought to the attention of Pharaoh. To make a man of God, what is hidden will be exposed. Paul wrote it this way in 1st Corinthians: Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. (1stCorinthians 4:5)

If you’re willing to let him – if you will give him permission – the Holy Spirit will shine his light into the deepest recesses of your heart. There he will uncover your hidden motivations… your hidden hurts that drive you to sin… so that you can confess those, repent and become more like Christ. In Moses’s case, when he was confronted – and Pharaoh was made aware – he fled. He took off. He became a fugitive. What Moses had tried so hard to hide, was uncovered and exposed. And he was going to be held accountable. This is the piece that I believe most men are afraid of – we don’t want to be held accountable. And if we are confronted about things we have done, we want to flee, sometimes even to another church. However… to make a man of God will require accountability. Accountability keeps you humble. It allows people you trust to speak into your life, to tell you straight out when you’re off-base or walking dangerously close to the edge. This is probably the most critical missing ingredient in the life of men that prevents us from truly becoming men of God. We’re afraid, fearful of letting another person see into our hidden areas and call us out. We build all kinds of defenses. We rationalize. We run. We say we don’t need any help… that we’re strong… that we can resist temptation and choose rightly. Or we mislead people – we admit to one mistake or one sin or one weakness, but cover up the 10 more deadly things in our heart that we want to keep doing. Listen, Moses had to learn that he was accountable to God #1, and then for about 2-3 million people that he led out of Egypt. He needed godly men around him to help him stay on track. I need godly men around me to hold me accountable. Guys, you need accountability with people who want you to be the man of God that you can become. Find someone to speak into your life.

~Pastor Randy~

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