How many times in the Gospels do you read where someone comes to Jesus with a question about his actions? “Jesus, why aren’t you fasting? Jesus, why do you and your disciples pick grain on the Sabbath? Jesus, why did you heal that man on the Sabbath? Jesus, why didn’t you condemn that woman caught in adultery? Jesus, are you going to pay taxes to Caesar?” People were constantly questioning Jesus’ habits and actions. The actions & habits of Kingdom-people should always raise questions in the minds of unbelievers. I’m not talking about people wondering why you drive off to church every Sunday morning or drive off to Bible study during the week. I’m referring to making people curious about something you’re doing where you live, work and play. You could say we should be living questionable lives… lives where unbelieving friends & neighbors ask why you’re doing something… asking why you’d spend your vacation on a missions trip to help homeless people… or why you’d become a foster parent to kids you don’t even know… or why you’d open your home to a refugee family… or why you’re so joyful & patient in the face of pain, suffering or loss… or why you’d bring over cookies or baskets of fruit or bread from Panera’s and offer to pray for them… or why you’d have a backyard BBQ and invite the whole neighborhood… or why you’d offer to pick up their child from school if they couldn’t. These are ways we can Go and Share the love of Jesus: developing habits & actions that make people curious enough to ask WHY?

 Live a questionable life that evokes curiosity about your faith and actions. That’s exactly what Jesus did. And when people ask you questions, then the opportunity arises to share why you do what you do – to share the Good News. Then you’ll be a natural witness and ambassador for Jesus Christ! The kind of lifestyle that’s going to evoke curiosity is a missional lifestyle. This is not an evangelism program or a method or an evangelism strategy or evangelistic event. A missional lifestyle is a personal practice that informs and inspires how you live your everyday life. It’s a mindset. It’s an attitude. You could say it’s about having outward-focused ministry eyes where you live, work and play.   

~Pastor Randy

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