95% of Christians have never led someone to the Lord, have never led someone in the prayer of salvation. That’s a terrible statistic! If that statistic holds true in any church – including ours – then out of 100 Christians in a room, only 5 have ever prayed with someone to receive Christ. It’s time to turn that around! It’s time to learn the basic elements to a prayer of salvation so you can be prepared to lead someone when the time comes. And if you’ve been persistently praying for your neighbors, that time will come! Just to make sure you understand, the prayer of salvation doesn’t save a person. It’s not the right words that save a person. Only Jesus saves. But the prayer of salvation should have these 5 elements:

1. Confess – acknowledge that you’ve been running your own life, ignoring God, even resisting God. Confess sin that you know about and your need to change, to do life God’s way instead of your way.

2. Repent – express your desire to turn away from sin and selfishness, and turn to Jesus. Ask forgiveness.

3. Express Faith – express faith audibly in Jesus as the Son of God; express belief in the Gospel – that Jesus became man, suffered & died on the cross in your place, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day.

4. Surrender – yield control of your life to Jesus by receiving him and inviting him to be Lord of your life

5. Thank – give thanks to the Lord for his free gift of salvation and eternal life

An easy way to remember these elements is with the acronym: CREST

Pastor Randy

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