God’s love starts with God, not us. God is love. It is His nature and character. Our journey of love as we follow the Star this Advent Season leads us to the realization that God’s love for us extends beyond the constraints of time, space, and our limited understanding. It has no beginning. It has no end. It never fails. It’s a love worth focusing on, meditating on, and basking in during this season of Advent preparation. God loved from the start. God’s Love is also Enough.Despite what we may know in our heads or believe in our hearts, it’s a struggle to live in the reality of God’s love because it’s so different from our own ability to love. It is different from the love that you’ve experienced in all your relationships throughout life. Our love is limited. Our love is often conditional. Our love can be self-serving. But not God’s love! The Good News—the best news- is that God… Loves… You… Not because of anything you’ve done or have to do… not just for today and then tomorrow He’s going to take it all back… not like the father or mother or spouse or ex-spouse or friend or enemy who let you down… or abandoned you… or hurt you… or abused you or twisted the concept of love to inflict damage or pain or heartache that is so hard to heal or let go of. God’s love is not like that.

God loves you purely, perfectly, completely, lavishly. You don’t have to earn points to muster up love from God. He pours love out on us—no matter how unlovable or unworthy we may feel. And He pours out love unendingly. God’s love is FOR you. It is more vast and perfect than you can ever fully grasp this side of heaven—but so worth opening your heart to.

God’s love is also a healing love. I never really thought of it that way, but the Spirit showed me this truth. God’s love is a healing love, a healing balm, a healing salve. It will wrap around even the most broken-hearted, desperate, discouraged, lonely, fearful and hurting person – even the most hard-hearted person – and his lavish love will heal.

Finally, God never grows tired of loving you. The Bible tells us to love others, even the people who seem unlovable. Sometimes that’s easy, and other times we grow tired of their stubborn behaviors and harsh words and conflict. That’s when loving becomes the hardest thing in the world. Sometimes the most unlovable people are those closest to us. They can be people we truly love most, but who also have the uncanny ability to drive us crazy, remind us of our weaknesses, push our buttons, and even stir up our deepest pain.

Our Advent journey of love is about God’s love unleashed in us and overflowing to others. God’s love is never meant to be confined or contained. That kind of unlimited, uncontained love must come from the source of love – Christ in you, the hope of glory!  God’s love is poured into us… to flow out of us… to touch those around us. Will you “share the love” this Advent season where you live, work & play?

Pastor Randy

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