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In a scene in the throne room of God, Revelation 5:9 says “And they sang a new song…” (5:9) “They” refers to the four living creatures covered with eyes and the 24 elders. They had each sung their own worship song, but now they both sing a new song together. No doubt the words new and different. And no doubt the melody is new. But it is more than that. It is the subject and theme of their song that is new. The new song is about the Lamb that was slain: Jesus! The one who was crucified and whose blood was shed to pay the price of forgiveness. He is the only one in heaven and on earth that has been found worthy to open the scroll of judgments, and usher in justice at the end of age: Jesus! The one who purchased our salvation and redeemed all of mankind and all of creation. There is no one else – no one else has triumphed over sin and death. Jesus only! He is the one to worship and celebrate! And so the new song that is sung in heaven is about Him and the ingathering or uniting of diverse people from every tribe and language and people and nation. Our faith is exclusively focused on Jesus and no other person or system or philosophy can save us. Our future is certain because our faith is anchored in Him. Our faith is exclusive in Jesus, yet Jesus is not exclusive about who comes to faith. There is only one way, but all are invited to travel that way.No one is excluded. Not even the person who has committed the most evil sins in the world. Jesus unites diverse people from everywhere to be a kingdom and priests in the Church. It is counter-cultural to bring diverse, disconnected and racially divided people together in a refreshing community where love conquers fear. That is the Church that Jesus is gathering – a church that is inclusive. The glory of God is displayed through the diversity in his Church. The glory of Jesus reaches its fullest measure – the pinnacle – when people from every nation, tribe, and language stand before him in worship.   Pastor Randy

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