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The church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7 received both a good and bad evaluation. Their church report card wasn’t all A’s and B’s, nor all D’s and F’s. It was at first      a hard-working church, a persevering people who endured hardships. That’s a great evaluation! They could rest on that, be proud of that and celebrate that! Except that there was something deeply wrong in their Church: they had forsaken their first love! (v4) They had fallen away from a loving relationship with Jesus! How does that happen? How does that happen to any Church made up of authentic disciples? It’s called drift. You can have a lot of things right, and still drift. Think of yourself floating on the ocean off Jupiter pier or down at Lake Worth beach, or even Palm Beach. Within minutes you can drift far down the beach from where you started. Drift in the Christian life happens a little more slowly, more imperceptibly. It happens subtly as you let other things become more important and take your eyes off of Jesus. Drift happens when your schedule changes at work and you can’t be part of your small group anymore, or you can’t attend a weekend worship service to be with your brothers & sisters – and then – here’s the drift part –you don’t make any effort to adjust your spiritual life to those new realities.You let go of your spiritual anchors that have helped you stay focused and keep your eyes on Jesus. A Church can drift away from its focus. It doesn’t take long for that to happen either. God wants his glory to be known throughout the earth. If we lose our first love, we are stealing glory from Jesus. We’ve drifted away from Him. He no longer receives the glory that is his and his alone. He is no longer #1. There is no standing still in the Christian life. There is only spiritual growth and forward motion, or drift. You don’t ever stay the same.


Pastor Randy

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