There is power in the words of scripture because the Holy Spirit inspired them and brings them to life in our hearts and minds. Now, we have to be careful to not slice and dice scripture into what we believe or don’t believe. There are those who want to decide what they will and will not believe when it comes to scripture. The parts we don’t like – the parts that challenge our thinking, challenge our behavior, convict us of sin, and call us to repentance – those parts – we don’t like very much. We’d prefer to leave those out. We’d prefer to forget them and not have to apply them to our lives. The other parts about God’s love, grace, forgiveness, mercy – we eat those up! We want more of those kinds of words! If only we could have a Bible that suits our lifestyle and approves of our doing what we like! Wouldn’t that be nice? Not really! I believe we’ve come to that point in prophetic end-times events where what Paul wrote in 2ndTimothy 3:3-4 is coming true: people only want to hear what will delight their itching ears and support their lifestyle. So many people only want to hear what strokes their ego and agrees with their viewpoint. Generally speaking, we don’t want to hear that our views and attitudes might be wrong. Nobody likes to be wrong or be told they’re wrong. We prefer to hear what bolsters and confirms our perspective and makes us feel good. Butscripture is going to give God’s perspective, which will most often clash and contradict what we learned as we grew up. From God’s point of view, He has already decided what we must believe, what we must follow and apply: All of Scripture! All of it is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training. Not just the parts we like! Not just the parts we feel are correct or believable. All of it. We need that corrective in our lives! We need to hear God’s perspective and we need to know God’s standard, or else we’ll just listen to what tickles our ears and leads us down the primrose path to destruction.We’ll never grow up or mature as believers, without grappling with the Truth, accepting it, and incorporating it into our lives. Pastor Randy

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