A leader needs both competence and character. This is especially true in the Church. You can’t just be competent. You can’t just know the scriptures or be able to teach the scriptures or be able to preach well or be a great communicator. You must also have godly characterYou can be doctrinally sound (and know the scriptures very well), and yet be morally corrupt. There are all kinds of examples of great pastors and awesome church leaders who were gifted evangelists and preachers – guys who were totally competent – yet they fell by the wayside and disqualified themselves because the choices they made corrupted their character. Their character fell short of the level of their competence. That is tragic not only for that person, but also for the Church. They do great damage to the church and the cause of Christ. Character ultimately determines a leader’s true success, especially in the Church and especially at home in your family. That’s why Paul mentions family relationships in 1 Timothy 3. A leader’s home & family life must be solid.Leadership in the Church has been entrusted to simple, lowly, and undeserving men and women. The weaknesses, imperfections and personal flaws of pastors/elders, deacons and deaconesses in the Church is intentional (see 1st Corinthians 1:26-29). This is by God’s design! This reveals that any forward movement by the Church, any impact that the Church has in the world is only by the power of God alone.     Pastor Randy

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