In Romans 7, we learn that we can put our faith in Jesus Christ, receive him into our lives and follow him, and at the same time we can still live the flesh-life. You can still do all the same sinful things you were doing before you became a Christian and never change. That’s not the way Jesus wants you to live, but you can still live the flesh-life as a Christian. We used to call that a carnal-Christian or even a backslidden Christian. God will let you live the flesh-life as a Christian, but you’re going to feel miserable! The Spirit of God inside you will be at war with your sinful nature (flesh-life). When you ignore the Spirit’s promptings and urgings, you’ll live in daily defeat instead of daily victory. Do you want to live in victory? Do you want to live in freedom? Do you want to break the chains of past sin? If so, there’s hope revealed in Romans 8 for every follower of Jesus. As a Christian, you don’t have to be enslaved to failure in the flesh-life. You are not doomed to the flesh-life you inherited from Adam & Eve. You can be set free and live the Spirit-Life!  Jesus already told us the first step in this process during his conversation with Nicodemus. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are born into the Spirit-Life. We enter the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus and we receive the indwelling Spirit into our lives. That’s just the first step. There’s more to it. In Romans 8:5-9 the word “mind” is repeated over and over again. The key to the Spirit-Life is how our mind gets renewed. You could say that our mind needs to get rehabilitated or transformed. Did you know that every one of us needs rehab? And you thought only drug addicts and alcoholics needed rehab! Oh no… you need rehab, too! Paul says in Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” By renewing or rehabilitating our minds, the Spirit puts to death the sinful desires of our flesh-life. As the Spirit renews your mind, a shift happens inside you. You’re exposed to something you couldn’t see or experience before. You get a taste of what spiritual freedom is like, and you want more of it! You dispose of your inheritance as a child of Adam (from your physical birth), and you embrace your inheritance as an adopted child of God.  Don’t cheat yourself out of your inheritance! Pastor Randy

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