No amount of ministry can substitute for a genuine, deepening relationship with Jesus. An ever deepening, experiential relationship with God will stoke the fires of spiritual passion. We all must grow deeper, grow closer to Jesus. When you’re in a valley or in life’s perfect storm, it will be your relationship with Jesus that will see you through. There are seasons – weeks, months, maybe even years – when you’ll be carried along by the winds and waves of life. Like Paul carried along by the perfect storm in Acts 27, you won’t actually have much control over what’s happening. It will just be happening to you and you won’t know when, where, or how the next wave is going to hit you. You’re fate is in the hands of others. You feel vulnerable. You can feel anxious, worried. You can get depressed. You can isolate. When life happens like this, you’re carried along by the unpredictability of a perfect storm. Paul was carried along by the winds and waves all the way from Jerusalem, to Caesarea, to Crete, to Malta, and finally to prison in Rome. And yet, he was not alone. You are not alone! You have an all-powerful God that is on your side! Even as Paul was carried along, his faith was strong. He never gave up! He remained passionate! He encouraged others all along the way. If God be for you, who can be against you! You are not alone!

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