As Paul and his band of brothers traveled from city to city on their missionary journeys in Acts 16-20, they engaged in many spiritual power encounters. Our enemy – the devil is never going to roll over and surrender his territory without a spiritual fight! He will pull out all his weapons as he battles to resist being pushed out. Like it or not, we are already on the battlefield. We’re in a spiritual fight. Some of you have already been injured – the devil’s tried to take you out… isolate you… prevent you from attending a bible study… put doubts in your mind… try to convince you that you don’t really need to attend worship service… render you ineffective… keep you so busy you think you don’t have time to pray. You are in a spiritual battle! We have to support each other in prayer, in love, in unity and stay the course together. Let’s not give up when it gets difficult or when we face resistance. Let’s not shrink from the task, but increase in courage and faith as we face hardships. We have to stay on our knees in prayer for each other!  Pastor Randy

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