When Paul & Barnabas returned to Jerusalem after their first missionary journey, there was considerable dispute and discussion with the church leaders about whether circumcision was required for the Gentiles to be saved. It had been required by the Law of Moses for the Jews, but the question was whether this was a requirement, a non-negotiable, for salvation. So the church fathers convened in what we call the Council at Jerusalem, to debate this. In the end, cooler heads prevailed – like Peter, James, & Paul – so that circumcision was not required for salvation. There will always be people who see salvation as Jesus plus… or Jesus and…  The truth is that the only non-negotiable for salvation is faith in Jesus. Jesus only. He is the Savior. Baptism doesn’t save you. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t save you. Doing good works doesn’t save you.  Being a good person doesn’t save you. Only Jesus saves you. That’s non-negotiable. Do you know Jesus? Does Jesus know you?

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