The most important first step on a journey is not when you step out of your front door and leave home. The most important first step is before you ever set foot out of the house! Before Paul and Barnabas were ever called to embark on the first missionary journey in Acts 13, they were first called to something else. “…while they were worshipping the Lord, and fasting, the Holy Spirit said…” While they were worshipping the Lord… while they were singing and praying and fasting and putting themselves in a posture of humility before Jesus… while they were in the presence of Jesus and lifting up the name of Jesus with praise on their lips… that is when the Holy Spirit spoke to them. Before we go and do anything at all, we are first called to Jesus!

We are first called to being in relationship with Jesus – seeking Him and spending time with the Lord – “being” before “doing”. That is our #1 priority! We are called to the cross in humility and repentance. He is our source of inspiration, our source of knowledge, our source of wisdom, and the one who is going to transform our lives and our church. He is the one who directs our path, who chooses which way we are to go and who we should contact and speak to, and where to focus our time and energy in the community. I believe Paul and Barnabas had no clue at first where they were supposed to go or who they were supposed to meet or how their journey was going to come together. But the Spirit of Jesus knew exactly what needed to be done. So, before we do anything or go anywhere, we begin here:

  • Worshiping the Lord in prayer, and fasting
  • Listening for the Holy Spirit
  • Ready and available for whatever is needed

Would you put these three into practice in your life today? ~ Pastor Randy

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