When we study Saul’s Damascus Road experience (Acts 9), we learn that he was an extremely harsh persecutor of the believers in the early Church. He hunted them down, arrested them and put them in jail. Some he may have even put to death. But on the Damascus Road he encountered the voice of Jesus, the power of Jesus, and the forgiveness of Jesus. No one is beyond the reach of the love of Jesus! No sin – no matter how heinous – is beyond the forgiveness of Jesus when there is true repentance. Saul became Paul and went on to impact the world for Christ down to this very day. His conversion and transformation teaches us this lesson: never let your past define your present… or your future. The sins you’ve committed in the past – or the trauma or hurts done to you – continue to impact and enslave you until you receive healing and their power is broken. Jesus wants to be the one to define your present and your future. Jesus can transform us no matter what happened to us in the past (or was done by us). That is the hope of the Gospel. That is the power of forgiving love. ~ Pastor Randy

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