We (in the Church) are most often the ones who need to change our way of thinking to reach people outside the four walls of our building. Our American culture has changed and continues to change rapidly. Strategies to reach people that worked in previous years, don’t work anymore. We need to adjust and try new strategies. We can’t expect disinterested and disengaged people to show up at the front door to our church – to come to us. We must change our thinking so that we go to them. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 which starts out saying “Go and make disciples…” (NIV) or “Go and teach…” (KJV). It doesn’t say “Come and see…” That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t invite people to Church or invite people to attend special events like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Christmas or Resurrection Sunday. Yes we need to invite people to attend all of those things. But the commandment is to GO. I think Jesus knew that our default inclination was toward “come and see”. That’s more comfortable. That’s what he knew we would do automatically. So he commissioned us to “go and tell”, or “go and make”. Objections may be raised when we use new and different approaches. People resist change no matter what kind of change it is. It’s hard to change. It’s uncomfortable to change. I feel uncomfortable when I’m told I have to change! Although we never want to change the message, we can change the method. Methods change because culture changes. But the Message never changes.

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